Professional's Choice Pair of Sports Medicine Boots

Professional's Choice Pair of Sports Medicine Boots

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Professional's choice pair of sports medicine boots - size medium perfect for polo ponies.

Also known as SMB IIs, or SMB 2's, these medicine boots are extraordinarily popular within the polo playing fraternity as well as other high impact equestrian disciplines.

Some of the features of the Professional's Choice Medicine boots includes:

- four way stretch neoprene, which means that it they will follow the shape of your horse, as well as providing excellent support 

- the boots protect the horse's legs from all 360 degrees - essential in polo

- the fetlock can't hyperextend

- research has shown that the Professional's Choice boots actually absorb 26% of the impact energy between hoof and ground, as well as balancing and supporting the horse's entire suspensory system.

The Professional's choice Sports medicine boots have been designed with Polo Ponies in mind and will fit a 15hh-16hh thoroughbred/sport horse

The Professional's Choice SMB IIs come with a six month warranty from the manufacturer