Professional's Choice  Set of 4 Ventech Sports Medicine boots - Black

Professional's Choice Set of 4 Ventech Sports Medicine boots - Black

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Professional's Choice set of 4 VenTECH (TM) sports medicine boots - black

A superior alternative to the SMB IIs, the new Professional's Choice VenTECH (TM) Elite sports medicine boots have some additional features. These include

- the same four way stretch neoprene as with the original sports medicine boots (the SMB IIs), providing support as well as conforming to the shape of your horse, but in addition, the neoprene is now ventilated, allowing for air flow and therefore greater comfort

- prevention of hyperextension of the fetlock. In addition, the fetlock area is darted to provide maximum support, easy application and a perfect fit

- the base of the ventech boot is contoured so that it can easily be applied when overreach boots are being used

- the Professional's Choice VenTECH (TM) boots absorb 26% (as proven by research) of the negative impact energy when the hoof collides with the ground

These boots contain a full set of four boots - two fronts and two rears, as research has shown that if the horse just wears a pair of fronts, he will tend to shift a greater percentage of weight onto their front limbs. It is therefore increasingly common to see horses with four boots so enable the horse to achieve normal weight distribution as well as optimising the protection given.

These Professional's Choice VenTECH (TM) boots are size medium and have been designed with polo ponies in mind and will fit a 15hh-16hh thoroughbred

The Professional's Choice VenTECH (TM) boots come with a full, one year warranty from the manufacturer